Zhao wei dinner kiss her boyfriend, netizens is refers

  Zhao wei was photographed by the media recently appeared a BBQ restaurant with friends, everybody is very

happy to eat meal, but the media were photographed dining suspected of zhao wei to the boyfriend kiss people m

ove around, zhao wei face to one side in the process of dinner with a boyfriend pe

ople face, looked like a boyfriend, who in your side kiss myself, away from the ca

meras in the boyfriend, people can see a side also conveniently to kissed really zha

o wei, but because it is behind the lens so the net friend said is only a matter of pe

rspective of formation of the visual illusion, two people just said 1 wisp!

  And judging from media reports, zhao we

i and her boyfriend of people go to the karaoke after dinner in the m

orning, and zhao wei is run with assistant, no boyfriend people around, it’

s looking at it is quite normal at a friend’s party, as for the intimate moments in the meal, or more good fr

iends even kiss you face a nothing important also, this is what the others eyes to see!

  For old zhao wei must be quite familiar wit

h, you sure many after 80, 90 are watching her play long, but we grew up

seems to zhao wei is not old, but zhao wei has not acting on the road to c

ontinue their education, but choose married Huang Youlong, husband and wife two people together have taken to i

nvest in business, and that during the negative news, although there are a lot of b

ad take tax issues that paragraph of time, for instance, in fact for their h

usband and wife there are a lot of influence!

  This time, zhao wei Revelations dinner kiss her boyfriend, netizens po

king fun at said: is not the first time!I wonder if you have heard that before, e

arly zhao wei also been reported and ge you at a cocktail party also has a “kiss”, b

ut that still can see two people are drunk, two people seem to be a little less cl

ear, and the same is also carrying a camera, so it is possible that the Angle of the problem, so everybody is talking ab

out a past, but this time looking at zhao didn’t seem to like you, and poke his face of a

ction, these are easy to misleading, though some netizens vehemently to zhao wei, what do you think about it?