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half of 2019, up from 728.9 million yuan from a year earlier. The compa

ny said the losses are caused by one-off items such as share-based compensation payments.?ldsports足球比分千花网女神会所

Yin Qi, founder and CEO of Megvii, said earlier that “Megvii is dedicated to creating AI innovations that solve soci

?ldsports足球比分千花网etal and industrial challenges. With the help of our investors and customers, we aim to accelerate our development as a tru

sted global leader in AI and the internet of things, empowering humans and enabling industrial progress.”

Andrew Downe, Asia regional head of commodities and global markets at Macquarie Group, which invested in Me?ldsports足球比分千花网女神会所

gvii in its Series D round of financing, said earlier that “Megvii is a global AI technology leader and innovator with cutti

ng-edge technologies, a scalable business model and a proven track record of monetization. We believe the com?ldsports足球比分千花网

mercialization of artificial intelligence is a long-term focus and is of great importance.”

The profits of China’s major industrial firms rose 2.6 percent year-on-

year in July, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed Tuesday.?ldsports足球比分千花网女神会所

This is a drastic rebound compared to the 3.1-percent decline in June.

In the first seven months, the profits of China’s major industrial firms dropped 1.7 percent to 3.5 trillion yuan ($494.03 bi

?ldsports足球比分千花网llion) and the decrease rate was 0.7 percentage points lower than that in the first half year.

Specifically, profits of State-owned industrial firms dropped 8.1 percent from one year earlier to 1.08 billion yuan, whil

e those of private ones gained 7 percent to 884.91 billion yuan year-on-year in the first seven months.?ldsports足球比分千花网

During the period, profits of the mining industry climbed 4.2 percent to 335.44 bill

on yuan, while the manufacturing industry dropped 3.4 percent to 2.88 trillion yuan.?ldsports足球比分千花网女神会所

Profits at 29 of the 41 industrial sectors surveyed rose compared wi

th one year earlier, while 12 sectors saw their profits fall, according to the NBS.